Voyage Colombia is a tour operator and a registered trademark of World Tours SAS. Our team consists of young and international professionals who are always curious about getting to know all the beautiful destinations and adventures they sell ourselves as well as the hidden treasures of this diverse country. Regularly, we also have the support of interns (mostly from Europe) who will give you an insight in all the new, surprising and quirky experiences they make in this South American country.

We developed this blog to promote the beautiful country Colombia and try to amend the long outdated cliché of the dangerous Colombia. Get ready to be amazed by the astonishing beauty and diversity of this country, its warm and friendly locals and its cultural customs and peculiarities! Certainly, you want to pack your bags right away and explore the unique country Colombia yourself!


Adriana (1)Adriana Gómez

Adriana studied Tourism and Hospitality business administration in Bogotá, the capital of this wonderful country. She has great local tourism knowledge because during her studies she had the opportunity to travel extensively through Colombia, getting in touch with her culture, traditions and exploring every corner, especially eco-touristic and nature destinations, her favorites. She knows Spanish and English, can get by in French and a little Portuguese. Adriana practices body-combat, loves dancing, cooking and of course travelling, her truly passion.

After she had been working between the hotel and tourism industry for more than 2 years, she decided to travel to Russia to work as a volunteer for the AIESEC global community program. During this experience she also traveled around this country and Europe and realized how passionate she is about her country. That is why she decided to bring her travel knowledge back home to improve the image of Colombia abroad and to promote all its undiscovered destinations. What better way to do it than through the special and tailor made programs that Vogaye Colombia has for you. If you are looking for unforgettable and extraordinary experiences come and discover Colombia by the hand of an inspiring travel lover!

yicel1Yicel Osorio

Yicel is our expert of the coffee triangle and therefore represents Voyage Colombia in this beautiful region of Colombia. She is economist, specialized in marketing and management. She entered the world of tourism as a guide, in the time when she was finalizing her university studies. After that she moved to England for 4 years. During that time she had the opportunity to travel around Europe and North America and found out that her true passion was to promote her own country Colombia in showing the world that we have different regions with amazing landscapes, culture and friendly people full of joy and warmth; totally different things than the bad image that unfortunately our country is still facing.

She returned to her country with the clear vision to continue working for the promotion of Colombia at an international level. Since then she have had the opportunity to help many people from different countries to discover Colombia, and especially the region where the finest coffee in the world is being produced: “The Coffee Triangle”. This is her home and here she loves to welcome our travelers and show them the huge diversity that only this region has to offer and provide you with the best services: From staying in a typical hacienda on a coffee farm, going on a typical vehicle the jeep willy´s to explore the surroundings, get to know everything about coffee on a real coffee farm, discovering colonial villages or the huge wax palms – the Colombian national tree – as well as adventurous activities – everything is possible in her “tierra” and Yicel will be happy to show you this diversity! In her free time, Yicel loves to dances and meet people of different countries & cultures.

Natalia Garcia Amaya

IMG_0998Natalia studied International Business and Languages in the Netherlands. She completed a semester in Rio de Janeiro, where she realized that she felt a connection with the Latin American culture. During her final year writing her dissertation about Colombian tourism, she fell in love with all the unique and diverse things Colombia has to offer and noticed that, unfortunately, many people are not aware about them. After living in Amsterdam for 20 years and working many years in the local tourism industry, she decided to travel back to Colombia, step out of her comfort zone, pursue her dream of living in this wonderful country and help to improve the image Colombia has in the world.

She speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese and is always eager to learn more languages, to understand new cultures and people, without a language being a barrier. She loves to talk with local people and hear their personal stories, observe people and their habits, travel to new places, learn more about local history and art, watch movies and always ready for the next adventure!

Lukas Wimmer

7185Lukas is studying Business Management in Mittweida. His main courses are Hotel, Tourism and Events. When he first came to Colombia two years ago, he was fascinated by the culture and the people. The desire to come back became stronger day by day. Now he took the chance to deepen his knowledge from his studies, while he can also study the language and get to know the culture and the people as well.

The possibility to get to know new points of view and ways of living inspire him. The own openness, for letting unknown and foreign influences taking affect on oneself is a continuous requirement. Just like that, it is possible to create a positive change and finding a new home in a foreign culture.


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