Recommended hotels in Bogota

If I had to recommend one or several hotel(s) in Bogota I would firstly need to know what my interlocutor is used to or is looking for. There are so many hotels in Bogota for all tastes: you will find the luxury hotel chains such as Sofitel, Four Seasons or Hilton and others of standard categories.

However according to their location I would stay in a hotel close to the zona T because many good restaurants and bars that are in this area. Sofitel would be a nice option, it is perfectly located, in the zona T but the street is calm and you cannot hear anything from the outside. The atmosphere is very relaxing and everything is made to make you feel home. Food is delicious: from its typical French breakfast to its Mediterranean dinner.

You could also spend your night at the BOG Hotel, it is located close to the zona T, its concept is modern and you will see gold everywhere unless in the rooms that are all in white with a touch of gold and if you wish you could relax in the swimming pool on the roof and enjoy the beautiful view.

Another choice would be The Orchids in the city center, it has unique rooms and they would make you feel like a princess or a king because of its Renaissance concept, but bathrooms are very modern fortunately. This a boutique hotel and it is a great experience to live in this environment!



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