A treasure hidden in Medellin

Patio del mundo

img_3068 There is another experience you cannot miss in Medellin. As you might know, Colombia is country well known for its boutique hotels, those are small hotels with few rooms, very cozy, usually with a touch of colonial architecture or elements that are unique.

You can find plenty of them in cities like: Cartagena, Barichara, Villa de leyva and Bogotá, however in Medellin this concept had not been explored until about a month ago when “Patio del mundo” opened its doors to the public.

From my perspective not even the photos are as beautiful as the hotel itself, each of the seven rooms were decorated with the best taste, inspired in a location of the world: Africa, Cartagena, Bali, Marruecos, Mexico, Provence and India. In all of them the designer incorporated fine details of Colombia´s handcraft and typical materials from different regions of the country.

Another aspect that makes this hotel a treasure in Medellín, is its concept of open garden, you cannot believe such a view is in the middle of the city, in the morning you can hear birds singing next to your window, simply you cannot ask for a better start in the city of the eternal spring.

The experience is marvelous, you take your morning Colombian coffee in the garden with a delicious breakfast all served by its owner Agnes, who is always there to check everything is perfect for you. Every detail is closely planned to make you experience one of its kind.

I truly recommend it.


Paola R


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