Four seasons’ experience

Last week I had the chance to visit the Four Seasons located in the zona T of Bogota. The hotel is divided in towers, I visited all kind of rooms and my favorite is the Premier room- it is not the biggest one but the space is perfect for one or 2 people. Unfortunately I didn’t spend the night there and I won’t be able to confirm that beds make you feel like you are in a cloud but hopefully soon I will spend a night there and live this experience.

However I would like to focus this post about the restaurant of the Four seasons “Kuru”. After my visit to the rooms, I was accompanied to it through the reception (there is also a direct entry from the street) and first I thought I was going to be shown another part of the reception because I was getting close to a mirror wall but then, like in the movies the person who I was with opened it and there was hiding the restaurant.

It was opened a couple of months ago and it was very well designed; the day light illuminates the spacious room and on one side of the restaurant there is the bar, there is even a small terrace for those shiny days.

The food there is Asian, you can find sushis and even this delicious Korean dish of which I can never say correctly the name “Bimbimbap”. As I was told to try it and had no idea what it was I ordered it and it was an excellent choice! They actually bring you the dish in a ceramic plate to finish the cooking and they do it in front of you and I found it awesome.

About the taste I could not compare it as it was the very first time I ate such a dish but for me it was great. I also had as a starter, tempura shrimps which was also a good choice, perfectly spicy (and I am usually not a fan of spicy dishes). To accompany the meal I had a fruit juice and I can feel that it was very healthy it was also well presented.

And eventually to finish with another typical Asian touch I ordered a black tea which was served in those little tiny teapots.

My last word about that experience is: fantastic. I was not able to have a dessert but if you are still hungry after a bimbimbap you have plenty of choice among the desserts of the menu.



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