The Magic of Guatape

guatape-peñol (2).jpgColombia is a country full of charm, and for me, a passionate for this country´s culture and landscape, it is a please to take you to those magic places with my words, pictures and links you will find in our posts. This time I will talk about a magical place two hours away from Medellín, Guatapé.

My journey started in Medellín another place that by the way, you must visit in Colombia. The road was busy without much traffic but the view was lovely as it was the weather, in the road we had breakfast, I very lovely typical breakfast with hot chocolate and of course “Arepa” a sort of corn bread famous in the region that is accompanied by butter and cheese.

Afterwards we head to the rock of Guatapé, is a rock 220 meter high, at the entrance you can find shops with handcrafts, food and souvenirs. I highly recommend to buy a bottle of water to start climbing the 649 steps to head to the top. But believe me it is totally worthy, the panoramic view of El Peñol reservoir left me breathless, is an amazing mixt of land and water, little islands all around the lake full of nature.

After going down stairs, and about half an hour drive we got to Guatapé, a little town next to the lake´s bank. Guatapé is rich in color, its residents have decorated their houses in the front and wainscots with woodwork that resembles nature. This isn’t a quiet town, from lunch time until night the lake´s bank us full of tents with traditional products, food, games and music.

Part of the trip included a tour to the lake, a very nice and warm breeze was the perfect complement to this tour, where you lost yourself in the view and the astonishing sunset.

This trip totally recommended.




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