Coffee Experience

Last Wednesday I headed to Usaquen, famous for all its restaurants and market “de las pulgas” (on Sunday). I have always tended to go to the places that are in the main street that surround the main place because this is where the most famous coffee shops are and then I have got used to go to those same places. However on last Wednesday I went to a different coffee shop “Café Usaquen”- which I had never heard of before, it is located in a small street on the right of the big church.

I felt somewhere between France, Colombia and Argentina, first of all because of the decoration of the place: small tables, old typewriters on the second floor and some other pieces of art. All these elements create a relaxed atmosphere and made me feel that I could spend the whole afternoon there (well I couldn’t as when I got there because it was already 7 pm).

Now about the food, I ate an Argentinian empanada with meat which are to me one of the best empanadas (they are cooked in the oven and the pastry is different from the Colombian ones), I didn’t have the chance to taste their cakes that look delicious, however they have different choices from the classic chocolate cake to the most particular with Colombian tastes.

I drank a cappuccino and it was exquisite, on the top of it cinnamon and caramel to give a mild flavor.

The specialty of this coffee shop is not only coffee but also wine. One of the owners is a sommelier so you can be sure that you will taste the best wines of South America, you can also do wine tasting there!

I recommend you to go to that place after your visit to the market or during a rainy day to enjoy it from a comfortable sofa.


by Olga



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