Trip to Medellín

On the past weekend I went with a friend to Medellín over the weekend. Because we were a bit early at the airport (probably my german culture 😉 ) we had some time to visit “Crepes & Waffles”. “Crepes & Waffles” is a really famous restaurant chain here in Colombia. People are crazy about it. The prices aren´t high and the taste is really delicious. It doesn´t matter if you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You definitly will have a great time.


But back to our trip. After arriving in Medellín we took a public taxi to get to the city. The airport of Medellín is about 45 minutes located outside of the city. With a public taxi (8 persones) it costs 15.000 Pesos to get there.

We didn´t make a lot of plans, so on Saturday we made a spontaneous bustour through the city. There was the beautiful Botero plaza, the fantastic botanical gardens, the metro and so much more. We really enjoyed our day there. And the weather was just perfect. You can leave your jackets in your hotel – without any second guessing . Just take an umbrella with you. Thats all. In the end we went to a little café to talk about the day.

IMG_20150314_171555 IMG_20150314_171602

Well on Sunday the time was already passed. We had a great time and came back to Bogotá with a small delay but more important healthy and happy!



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