Colombian Fruits – Part 3: El Mangostán

When i went to the market last week i bought some mangostans to try them for you. And trust me – you really should try them as well.MANGOSTAN FRUTO

The fruit is roughly as big as a small tomato. The leatherly, purple shell is a bit thick and should be opened with a knife or both of your tumbs. I guess the more common way is using your tumbs. Once you opened the fruit you find the white, juicy pulp. The tast is just great. It reminds you of  lychee, apricot, peach…and I don´t know what else. But trust me – it is really delicious.

You can eat the mangostan just fresh or also with some ice cream or other deserts. By the way, if the shell of the fruit is smooth and shiny, it is an indicator that the Mangostan is fresh. If the fruit is in contrary matt and woody it is an indicator for an older fruit.



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