Recommended hotels in Bogota

If I had to recommend one or several hotel(s) in Bogota I would firstly need to know what my interlocutor is used to or is looking for. There are so many hotels in Bogota for all tastes: you will find the luxury hotel chains such as Sofitel, Four Seasons or Hilton and others of standard categories.

However according to their location I would stay in a hotel close to the zona T because many good restaurants and bars that are in this area. Sofitel would be a nice option, it is perfectly located, in the zona T but the street is calm and you cannot hear anything from the outside. The atmosphere is very relaxing and everything is made to make you feel home. Food is delicious: from its typical French breakfast to its Mediterranean dinner.

You could also spend your night at the BOG Hotel, it is located close to the zona T, its concept is modern and you will see gold everywhere unless in the rooms that are all in white with a touch of gold and if you wish you could relax in the swimming pool on the roof and enjoy the beautiful view.

Another choice would be The Orchids in the city center, it has unique rooms and they would make you feel like a princess or a king because of its Renaissance concept, but bathrooms are very modern fortunately. This a boutique hotel and it is a great experience to live in this environment!



A treasure hidden in Medellin

Patio del mundo

img_3068 There is another experience you cannot miss in Medellin. As you might know, Colombia is country well known for its boutique hotels, those are small hotels with few rooms, very cozy, usually with a touch of colonial architecture or elements that are unique.

You can find plenty of them in cities like: Cartagena, Barichara, Villa de leyva and Bogotá, however in Medellin this concept had not been explored until about a month ago when “Patio del mundo” opened its doors to the public.

From my perspective not even the photos are as beautiful as the hotel itself, each of the seven rooms were decorated with the best taste, inspired in a location of the world: Africa, Cartagena, Bali, Marruecos, Mexico, Provence and India. In all of them the designer incorporated fine details of Colombia´s handcraft and typical materials from different regions of the country.

Another aspect that makes this hotel a treasure in Medellín, is its concept of open garden, you cannot believe such a view is in the middle of the city, in the morning you can hear birds singing next to your window, simply you cannot ask for a better start in the city of the eternal spring.

The experience is marvelous, you take your morning Colombian coffee in the garden with a delicious breakfast all served by its owner Agnes, who is always there to check everything is perfect for you. Every detail is closely planned to make you experience one of its kind.

I truly recommend it.

Paola R

Four seasons’ experience

Last week I had the chance to visit the Four Seasons located in the zona T of Bogota. The hotel is divided in towers, I visited all kind of rooms and my favorite is the Premier room- it is not the biggest one but the space is perfect for one or 2 people. Unfortunately I didn’t spend the night there and I won’t be able to confirm that beds make you feel like you are in a cloud but hopefully soon I will spend a night there and live this experience.

However I would like to focus this post about the restaurant of the Four seasons “Kuru”. After my visit to the rooms, I was accompanied to it through the reception (there is also a direct entry from the street) and first I thought I was going to be shown another part of the reception because I was getting close to a mirror wall but then, like in the movies the person who I was with opened it and there was hiding the restaurant.

It was opened a couple of months ago and it was very well designed; the day light illuminates the spacious room and on one side of the restaurant there is the bar, there is even a small terrace for those shiny days.

The food there is Asian, you can find sushis and even this delicious Korean dish of which I can never say correctly the name “Bimbimbap”. As I was told to try it and had no idea what it was I ordered it and it was an excellent choice! They actually bring you the dish in a ceramic plate to finish the cooking and they do it in front of you and I found it awesome.

About the taste I could not compare it as it was the very first time I ate such a dish but for me it was great. I also had as a starter, tempura shrimps which was also a good choice, perfectly spicy (and I am usually not a fan of spicy dishes). To accompany the meal I had a fruit juice and I can feel that it was very healthy it was also well presented.

And eventually to finish with another typical Asian touch I ordered a black tea which was served in those little tiny teapots.

My last word about that experience is: fantastic. I was not able to have a dessert but if you are still hungry after a bimbimbap you have plenty of choice among the desserts of the menu.


The Magic of Guatape

guatape-peñol (2).jpgColombia is a country full of charm, and for me, a passionate for this country´s culture and landscape, it is a please to take you to those magic places with my words, pictures and links you will find in our posts. This time I will talk about a magical place two hours away from Medellín, Guatapé.

My journey started in Medellín another place that by the way, you must visit in Colombia. The road was busy without much traffic but the view was lovely as it was the weather, in the road we had breakfast, I very lovely typical breakfast with hot chocolate and of course “Arepa” a sort of corn bread famous in the region that is accompanied by butter and cheese.

Afterwards we head to the rock of Guatapé, is a rock 220 meter high, at the entrance you can find shops with handcrafts, food and souvenirs. I highly recommend to buy a bottle of water to start climbing the 649 steps to head to the top. But believe me it is totally worthy, the panoramic view of El Peñol reservoir left me breathless, is an amazing mixt of land and water, little islands all around the lake full of nature.

After going down stairs, and about half an hour drive we got to Guatapé, a little town next to the lake´s bank. Guatapé is rich in color, its residents have decorated their houses in the front and wainscots with woodwork that resembles nature. This isn’t a quiet town, from lunch time until night the lake´s bank us full of tents with traditional products, food, games and music.

Part of the trip included a tour to the lake, a very nice and warm breeze was the perfect complement to this tour, where you lost yourself in the view and the astonishing sunset.

This trip totally recommended.



Coffee Experience

Last Wednesday I headed to Usaquen, famous for all its restaurants and market “de las pulgas” (on Sunday). I have always tended to go to the places that are in the main street that surround the main place because this is where the most famous coffee shops are and then I have got used to go to those same places. However on last Wednesday I went to a different coffee shop “Café Usaquen”- which I had never heard of before, it is located in a small street on the right of the big church.

I felt somewhere between France, Colombia and Argentina, first of all because of the decoration of the place: small tables, old typewriters on the second floor and some other pieces of art. All these elements create a relaxed atmosphere and made me feel that I could spend the whole afternoon there (well I couldn’t as when I got there because it was already 7 pm).

Now about the food, I ate an Argentinian empanada with meat which are to me one of the best empanadas (they are cooked in the oven and the pastry is different from the Colombian ones), I didn’t have the chance to taste their cakes that look delicious, however they have different choices from the classic chocolate cake to the most particular with Colombian tastes.

I drank a cappuccino and it was exquisite, on the top of it cinnamon and caramel to give a mild flavor.

The specialty of this coffee shop is not only coffee but also wine. One of the owners is a sommelier so you can be sure that you will taste the best wines of South America, you can also do wine tasting there!

I recommend you to go to that place after your visit to the market or during a rainy day to enjoy it from a comfortable sofa.


by Olga


Trip to Medellín

On the past weekend I went with a friend to Medellín over the weekend. Because we were a bit early at the airport (probably my german culture 😉 ) we had some time to visit “Crepes & Waffles”. “Crepes & Waffles” is a really famous restaurant chain here in Colombia. People are crazy about it. The prices aren´t high and the taste is really delicious. It doesn´t matter if you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You definitly will have a great time.


But back to our trip. After arriving in Medellín we took a public taxi to get to the city. The airport of Medellín is about 45 minutes located outside of the city. With a public taxi (8 persones) it costs 15.000 Pesos to get there.

We didn´t make a lot of plans, so on Saturday we made a spontaneous bustour through the city. There was the beautiful Botero plaza, the fantastic botanical gardens, the metro and so much more. We really enjoyed our day there. And the weather was just perfect. You can leave your jackets in your hotel – without any second guessing . Just take an umbrella with you. Thats all. In the end we went to a little café to talk about the day.

IMG_20150314_171555 IMG_20150314_171602

Well on Sunday the time was already passed. We had a great time and came back to Bogotá with a small delay but more important healthy and happy!


Colombian Fruits – Part 3: El Mangostán

When i went to the market last week i bought some mangostans to try them for you. And trust me – you really should try them as well.MANGOSTAN FRUTO

The fruit is roughly as big as a small tomato. The leatherly, purple shell is a bit thick and should be opened with a knife or both of your tumbs. I guess the more common way is using your tumbs. Once you opened the fruit you find the white, juicy pulp. The tast is just great. It reminds you of  lychee, apricot, peach…and I don´t know what else. But trust me – it is really delicious.

You can eat the mangostan just fresh or also with some ice cream or other deserts. By the way, if the shell of the fruit is smooth and shiny, it is an indicator that the Mangostan is fresh. If the fruit is in contrary matt and woody it is an indicator for an older fruit.